electric turbocharger

Electric turbine increases power and reduces consumption

Instead of being powered by exhaust gases or only by the crankshaft, an electric turbine is powered by an electric motor through a battery. It is a turbocharger driven by exhaust gases and electrical power to spin the turbines and create positive air pressure.

The main reason for using electric turbocharging is to increase airflow to the engine. The use of an electric motor in a turbocharger expands its capabilities and provides instant boost to the engine.

Electric turbine features

Like a conventional turbocharger, an electric turbocharger consists of a compressor wheel and an exhaust gas turbine wheel used to pressurize the intake air in an internal combustion engine.

An electric turbo can kick in quickly and provide instantaneous boost, while a conventional turbo has to be spun by the exhaust gases, resulting in what’s called turbo lag. Turbo lag is the delay in response before the engine responds with more power. Thus, the use of an electric turbine narrows the gap, eliminating turbo lag by turning the compressor with electricity when needed. This is one of the most important aspects and benefits of electric turbocharging technology.


  • The ability to use wasted energy as an electric generator to directly power engines or recharge batteries is the main advantage of using an electric turbine.
  • Electrifying turbochargers reduces fuel consumption, which reduces carbon emissions and regulates exhaust gas temperatures. At the same time, electric turbines work as a silencer, i.e. they produce less noise.


  • Complexity and cost: Due to their complexity and expensive materials, used electric turbines are likely to be quite expensive until they become widespread.
  • Weight and size: This is also a major issue for an electric turbine, especially with the addition of a battery to provide enough power to the turbo.
  • In any case, the use of an electric turbine in a car is more promising. To keep the engine running in perfect condition, periodic turbine repairs are necessary.