A turbo engine cannot be turned off immediately after stopping: A myth that does not apply, but the exception has a certain rule

Can the engine be turned off as soon as the driver reaches the destination? It doesn’t look good on the car, but there is one exception.

Today, turbocharging is standard with few exceptions. Almost everyone knows the term downsizing. However, many drivers do not know how to handle turbocharged aggregates, in short, they destroy them. Unknowingly, motorists make a big mistake, which is related to turning off the ignition immediately after reaching the destination. This can be a problem with turbocharged engines. However, there are situations where a sudden shutdown of the engine does not matter.

It is advisable not to turn off the engine, but not absolutely necessary

For turbo engines, it is generally recommended to read the manual carefully and follow the recommended advice during operation and maintenance. Among them is the instruction not to turn off the motorcycle immediately after stopping at the destination. It is advisable to let the engine run for a while longer. Usually a few tens of seconds, maybe a minute. It is not necessary to let the engine idle longer, but a stall delay in the range indicated should significantly extend the life of the engine, especially the turbocharger.

Will something fatal happen if the driver reaches the destination and immediately turns off the engine? This does not bode well for the engine, the turbo blades are still in motion and turning. But with the engine off, there is no more lubrication, so the turbo spins by inertia without oil and wears out. The second problem is that the cooler or its fan is turned off.

Engine hum is fine, cooling down

Modern engines usually have aftercooling, so again not much happens, the fan runs even when the engine is off. Even when the driver locks the car and walks away from it, it is a typical hum, some ignorant drivers are afraid of it and fear a malfunction. Needlessly. But even so, it pays to let the engine rest for a while in idling mode. Sometimes it is common to stop and immediately turn off the engine, for example when reaching a gas station.

It is convenient if the driver thinks about this, as well as approaching the destination, and adapts his driving style accordingly. So, within the range, the engine does not rev up to high speeds, it drives calmly and smoothly. Basically, it cools down quite a bit already while driving. In this way, it is possible to reduce the adverse effects on the drive system, and still shut down the engine immediately after stopping. If necessary.