We at TurboCarParts are one of the leading suppliers of genuine turbochargers and specialise in turbine sales worldwide. For several years our experts have been helping almost anyone who comes to us with a request for help with their choice. Choosing a turbocharger is not an easy task and requires some technical expertise. But even if you do not have some knowledge in the field, all you have to do is write using the form on this site.

TurboCarParts specialises in the sale of turbines and turbochargers primarily for heavy goods vehicles and special vehicles. Owners of combines, tractors and other harvesting equipment will also find in our catalogue the necessary unit. Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask us! We will deliver the turbine you need.

Passenger car owners are not forgotten.
Turbocompressors for passenger cars form a large proportion of our product range and are continually being updated. If you don’t know which turbine you should order, you will give us the exact part number. The sale of turbines is an important part of our company. We also sell a full range of turbine repair and maintenance parts.

Our benefits

Quick worldwide delivery of turbines at your convenience

Thanks to our partner programmes. The most affordable prices.

Direct supplies from Europe, America and Asia

Any convenient method of payment

You are looking for a turbocharger for your tractor or vehicle, contact us via the feedback form, your data and catalogue name and part number.


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